In May 2019, the Adaptation Fund held its first country exchange, partnering with the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AGCID) to bring together 12 National Implementing Entities (NIEs) from around the world to Chile for a five-day exchange to learn and share experiences and best practices on climate change adaptation.

Learning and sharing is a core pillar of the Adaptation Fund’s work and going forward country exchanges are expected to be an annual occurrence. The Adaptation Fund has over 10 years of experience in financing adaptation, and is therefore well placed to facilitate learning about effective adaptation actions on the ground.

This particular exchange focused mostly on the water management and agricultural sectors. The NIEs visited the dry O’Higgins region to see one of the AGCID’s projects in action and interact directly with project stakeholders and beneficiaries. The project aims to equip small farmers with knowledge and tools to take better advantage of rainwater and crops that thrive under the adverse climate conditions. This project is putting into practice ‘direct access’, where the government has full authority over the design and implementation of the project.

To learn more about the exchange, watch the video below: