A report by GIZ, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the African Climate Finance Hub examines Namibia’s climate finance readiness.

This report is part of a series of country studies in Namibia, Tanzania and Zambia. Since November 2012, ODI and the African Climate Finance Hub have worked with government, private sector, and civil society stakeholders in Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania to understand these countries’ unique climate finance readiness needs.

The need to support processes that enhance the capacity of developing countries to access, allocate and spend climate finance is increasingly acknowledged by the international community. Several bilateral and multilateral initiatives have been launched to strengthen recipient country readiness to use climate finance effectively, and “readiness” activities are envisaged to be supported through the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Greater attention to issues of national policy, planning, institutional arrangements and spending capacity, it is hoped, will not only ensure that climate change and development aspirations are well aligned, but also more effectively implemented through the ensuing activities funded.

The original report can be found here.

Thanks to Eldis for providing this summary.

Image courtesy of ISOE  Wikom (Flickr).